Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mount Timpanogos

Woohoo! So last Wednesday, my mom and I hiked to the summit of Mount Timpanogos. My mom has been going on a hike every week in preparation for this 16 mile round trip, and somehow convinced me to come along. I hadn't been preparing, so it was quite difficult, but actually not as bad as I was nervous that it could be. Obviously, because I survived and I was afraid that I would get halfway up and just not be able to go any farther.
I was really glad I went. It seriously is a beautiful hike, and being on top of the summit is an awesome feeling. I just feel like I accomplished something really awesome. :) I really recommend this hike and will go with you if you want! --at least, in a little while. I still need a few weeks to forget how sore I was after, and then I'll be happy to go ;)
The day we went was pretty hazy because of smoke in the air from fires (stop burning, Utah!) so the views weren't as incredible as I'm sure they can be, but the wild flowers were beautiful, and just the general scenery is great. And that view from the toilet... Unbeatable! :) and we saw a moose, which was cool. in any case, I think the haze helped it to not be scorching hot, which was nice. It was really an enjoyable day to spend the whole day on a mountain with my mom. Definitely something to do again sometime.

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